Modern Kitchen Interior Design Idea to Inspire Your Next Redesign

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and it’s where many memories are made: preparing meals with your partner, entertaining your closest friends, and gathering around the counter with your children. For these reasons, it’s critical to design a space that makes you happy — not just because of your great style choices, but also because it’s functional and practical. Even the smallest kitchen improvement, such as new wall decor, light fixtures, or peel-and-stick backsplashes, can make a big difference.

If you’re looking for design ideas for your next kitchen interior design project, look no further than this collection of well-designed interiors tips, which features a mix of modern kitchen ideas, retro design trends, and charming country kitchens. We’ve thought of everything, whether you enjoy watching sports or not.


There are chic paint colors that instantly elevate interiors, bold backsplashes that add visual interest, and creative kitchen cabinet organization ideas. We’ve also included some small kitchen decorating ideas for apartment dwellers who are trying to make the most of a small space. There are also inspiring ideas for kitchen islands with seating, kitchen island lighting, and trendy kitchen counter ideas. Start scrolling through these kitchens remodel images to find the inspiration you need to create the cooking space of your dreams, regardless of your design style.

Improve the Look With Kitchen Interior Design

A guy is working on Kitchen Design

Use a bright color to add personality to an otherwise plain kitchen. For added interest, white cabinets are paired with bright yellow subway tiles that have been installed vertically. Add matching pendant lights, dishware, and planters to complete the look.

Adding Contrast

From the bright white cabinets to the deep gray island cabinets, this modern kitchen strikes the perfect balance of light and dark. The black and white patterned backsplash unifies the entire space.

Kitchen Faucet in Brass​

Kitchen Faucet in Brass

A brass kitchen faucet adds a touch of elegance to any space. To achieve a unified look, pair it with complementary knobs and an aged brass pendant light.

Backsplash in blue

Simply changing out the backsplash can completely transform your kitchen. This lovely baby blue and white pattern complements the crisp white cabinets and sleek open shelving.

Kitchen in the Country​

Kitchen in the Country

The kitchen is an excellent place to experiment with bright colors. Add texture and varying shades to the monochrome. “Our eye adjusts to the range, and it all feels right”. The extravagant use of green is a design statement that I anticipate will age gracefully.

Consider Going Green

Simply changing out the backsplash can completely transform your kitchen. This lovely baby blue and white pattern complements the crisp white cabinets and sleek open shelving.

Going Green​ in kitchen
Raw Wood​ in kitchen

Accents in Raw Wood

With reclaimed wood shelving, you can create a warm, rustic-inspired interior. The open shelves display dishware while also looking great. White subway tiles with black grout are installed to add another layer to your kitchen interior.

Use Greenery to Decorate Your Kitchen

Houseplants that double as decor will bring life to your kitchen. You can even grow herbs like basil or cilantro to help with cooking.

Use Greenery to Decorate Your Kitchen​
Allow Large Appliances to Shine​ in Kitchen

Allow Large Appliances to Shine

The retro-inspired refrigerator creates a nostalgic feel when combined with the antique Blue Willow dishware and the original shiplap walls,” says one of our interior designers. We love how simply putting dishware overflow on top of the fridge makes it feel right at home.

Patterned Flooring

These classic checkerboard floors are timeless. Pair the retro-inspired floor design with a clean interior full of crisp whites to give it a more modern look.

weathered wood beneath the farmhouse sink

The Old and the New

The weathered wood beneath the farmhouse sink is a reclaimed piece of furniture. “I asked a friend to assist me in cutting up my favorite old table to turn it into the cabinet front,” designer Hedayetul Islam Shuvo explains. “This well-loved repurposed piece gave the kitchen just the right amount of soul.”

Maintain a Classic White Look

A neutral kitchen does not have to be dull. Take a cue from Humayun Jahanara’s home, Outbuild Interior’s Architect, Design and Creative, and incorporate natural stone, such as marble or quartzite, as well as pops of wood, brass, and textured accessories, such as a rug or window treatments. “I like to incorporate decorative elements that make the kitchen feel like a true living space rather than just a utilitarian space.” “It has a classic-meets-Modern-cool vibe,” Shuvo says.

Classic White Look​ in Kitchen Interior
eye-catching Kitchen cabinet​

Make a statement with eye-catching cabinet

If you like to think outside the box, experiment with the color of your cabinetry. “A pop of color can benefit modern, luxe, and even boho aesthetics,” says Hedayetul Islam Shuvo, Interior Architect, at  Outbuild Interior. “However, consider timeless rather than trendy, with blues, greens, and blacks being tried-and-true hues for personality-packed impact.”

Include a Breakfast Nook

A gathering spot near a window, even in a small kitchen, creates a cozy indoor-outdoor feel. The banquettes’ corner orientation creates a view inward, toward the soul of the house, and outward, toward the river and children playing in the yard.

Include a Breakfast Nook​
Low-Maintenance Tile​ in Kitchen

Low-Maintenance Tile

For interior designers, incorporating durable, affordable materials wherever possible is a no-brainer. We chose a user-friendly porcelain tile that looks like marble for each kitchen. It’s inexpensive and simple to clean.

Cubbies for Decoration

Not all cabinets must be functional. Kitchens are densely packed with cabinetry and millwork, so a touch of accessorizing softens the space.

Cubbies for Decoration​ in Kitchen

Ceramics Showcase

Caren Rideau of Kitchen Design Group designed this space, which features cabinets that highlight the homeowner’s ceramics collection and complement tiles from Portugal inset into the marble backsplash.

Combine Wood Tone

One of our clients, a young, modern family, wanted a kitchen that felt like a living space. The island with a Louis XVI leg adds to the antique feel, and the corner banquette has a clean, modern upholstered back and seat with French legs.

Combine Wood Tone​ in Kitchen
Banquette seating in kitchen​

Banquette seating in kitchen

To create a cozy kitchen, top designers swear by banquette seating. Increase its visual interest with a variety of throw pillows and high shelves for displaying a collection.

Cozy Corner

Built-in seating is a no-brainer for making the most of a kitchen nook. As a finishing touch, add patterned throw pillows.

Cozy Corner​ in Kitchen
Stunning Wood Accents​ in Kitchen

Stunning Wood Accents

Elevate a white kitchen with wood accents in various shades for a rustic look. To complete the design scheme, add a few brass details, such as a pair of pendants.

Panel with a Chalkboard

Add a chalkboard panel to the side of your refrigerator to add personality to your space and delight the kids in your family. It’s a great place to make your weekly grocery list.

Panel with a Chalkboard​
beautiful-green-kitchen-interior-design (1)

Display on an Open Wall

Open shelves provide an opportunity to demonstrate your styling abilities. Fill them with everything you love for meal preparation and organization, such as glass canisters and white platters.

Neutrals that are timeless

Warm up a kitchen with a versatile paint color like Benjamin Moore’s Sag Harbor Gray, which can change tone as the lighting in your home changes throughout the day.

Working on Kitchen
Extraordinary Lighting​ in Kitchen

Extraordinary Lighting

An oversized pendant is the ideal choice for any room that requires one statement piece to take it to the next level.

Shelving that is well-organized

Whether you collect white porcelain mugs or blue and white patterned serving dishes, displaying them prominently in your kitchen can add character.

well-organized​ Shelving in Kitchen

Moody Hues

Black adds a touch of opulence to any kitchen. Consider “almost black” colors that are rich and warm, such as deep blues and cozy maroons, for a less stark but equally chic option.

Contrast Materials

Incorporate a variety of natural stone, different shades of wood, and both matte and glossy surfaces for a unique look that isn’t too matchy-matchy.

Contrast Materials​ in Kitchen

Floor Painting

This is our favorite kitchen paint trend out of all of them. Get some painter’s tape and some pretty colors, and you can say goodbye to boring floors for good!

Upstairs Storage

Although floating shelves enjoy popularity, we advocate for a harmonious blend of open shelving and classic upper cabinets. Consider installing shelves around a kitchen window, which not only enhances aesthetics but also invites more natural light into the space. This innovative approach strikes a balance between practical storage solutions and an airy, well-illuminated kitchen environment.

Upstairs Storage​ in Kitchen
Kitchen Design

Color That Isn't Visible

Surprise guests (and yourself!) by painting the inside of your cabinets a bright color. A bright KitchenAid mixer completes the bright space.

Bottom Line

If you have the space, making a cheerful gathering place for the family to talk, eat, and just hang out is always a plus. Pillow up your breakfast nook to ensure maximum comfort. Although open shelving is risky, bursts of bright blue make an even bolder statement and complement the simple white countertops, shelves, and appliances. This kitchen’s bold, blue pendant lights and exposed brick create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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