outbuild interior chairman

Co-Founder Of Out Build BD

MD. Zahidul Islam is a small business entrepreneur as well as a creative and passionate interior designer with professional degrees in modern interior design and architecture. After getting degrees, he came back to Bangladesh and started his own interior design firm named Out Build BD.

Now he is running his own interior design company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh where working a group of creative and young interior designers.

He has done several interior design projects with great success. He also experienced in dealing with both local & multinational companies as well as Government projects. His true pleaser is to satisfy customers with quality services.

On the other hand, he is friendly and cooperative with the client to serve the best possible solution. Using technology with creativity is his power of being up to date and dominate the industry. He is committed to the best use of space so that it feels more comfortable, functional and pleasant to live in.

Md.Zahidul Islam

MD.Zahidul Islam

Co-Founder & Owner
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