The Story of OutBuild

The Best Interior Design Company in Dhaka

MD. Zahidul Islam, a visionary entrepreneur and a passionate interior designer, armed with professional degrees in modern interior design and architecture. After completing his education, he returned to Bangladesh with a burning desire to make a mark in his homeland. Thus, the best interior design company in Dhaka, OutBuild Interior was born.

Driven by the dream to contribute to Bangladesh’s burgeoning economy, MD. Zahidul Islam relocated from the USA to embark on his mission. With expertise in modern interior design and architecture, he envisioned creating the best interior design firm in Dhaka that could turn people’s dreams into tangible reality. Recognizing that a service dedicated to enhancing one’s standard of living should be stress-free, MD. Zahidul Islam pioneered a best interior design firm in Dhaka – OutBuild Interior. Outbuild was established in 2009 and currently counted in the list of top interior company in Bangladesh.

Today, OutBuild stands proud, having transformed over 5,000 spaces, earning its reputation as the most trusted interior design company in Bangladesh. Our mission is to democratize interior design, making it accessible to everyone. OutBuild’s services are not just affordable, but they’re also fast and hassle-free, ensuring that the magic of well-designed spaces is within reach for all. Join us on a journey where dreams meet reality, and let OutBuild turn your space into a masterpiece.

CEO of best interior design company in Dhaka , MD. Zahidul Islam

MD. Zahidul Islam
Co-founder & CEO, OutBuild

Introducing MD. Zahidul Islam, the heart and mind behind Outbuild Interior, serving as our Co-founder and CEO. At the helm, he guides a dynamic team, passionately crafting quality designs for local and multinational companies, as well as government initiatives.

His approach is both welcoming and innovative. With a friendly touch, he seamlessly blends technology and creativity to transform spaces into havens of comfort, functionality, and delight.

Managing Director of OutBuild Interior

MD. Hedayetul Islam Shuvo
Managing Director, OutBuild Interior

Meet  MD Hedayetul Islam Shuvo, the Managing Director of OutBuild. Besides being an accomplished architect with a rich history of achievements, Shuvo actively contributes his expertise to the company’s design and development endeavors.

At OutBuild, we’re proud to have Shuvo and his lead in shaping innovative interior designs, making us the best interior design firm in Dhaka.

Brand We Use

Our extensive interior design portfolio featuring collaborations with top brands in Bangladesh. From creating luxurious spaces to transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary showcases, our work experience speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. With an eye for detail and a love of design, we have created unique and creative concepts for our clients that have made a long lasting impression.

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Our team boasts some of the best interior designer in Dhaka, who are ready to turn your dream into reality. From modern chic to cozy comfort, Outbuild will covered you. Let our experts work their magic and transform your space into a true masterpiece. 

Zidan, Jr. Architect
Project Supervisor
Zidan, Jr. Architect
Project Supervisor
Zidan, Jr. Architect
Assistant Manager
Zidan, Jr. Architect
Managing Director
Zidan, Jr. Architect
Co-Founder and CEO
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