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Out Build BD (OBBD)

About Out Build Interior Bangladesh

Who We Are?

Out Build BD is the best interior design and furniture solution in Bangladesh. On the other hand, OBBD is the name of the leading and creative interior design company since a group of creative interior designers working with OBBD.

From furniture to painting, ceiling to floor, we care about every single thing you need for decoration. It doesn’t matter whether it is all about office interior design or home decoration. We provide all the services related to the term “ interior design” as we are doing this since 2009.

Story Of Out Build Interior

Our story began with our customers. They are diverse and belonging to distinct classes in society. Most of our customers don’t have enough ideas to design the space they live in. In this case, we are providing our best interior design solution following the available space on hand and customer requirements in interior design in bd as well.


After establishing Out Build BD in 2009. We have dealt with a big number of customers. Therefore, most of our customers are our pre-made customers since we had a good deal several times. Building a long term relationship by providing the best interior design consultancy services with the solution is our primary object.

Interior Design in BD:

Most of our customers were from Dhaka city though we are providing interior designing services all over Bangladesh. Our best practice is to understand customer desires before implementing our professional designing skills since we won’t go for living there. Making our clients happy is our ultimate success.

Moreover, Out Build BD is the name of marvelous interior design in bd since we have a creative design team. Indeed, the interior design depends on the ability to realize your desire and create something that truly reflects who you are.

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Out Build Team Members

We have a young, creative, and dedicated team. From top to bottom, all the members of our team are highly professional and self- motivated. They all are very friendly and goal-oriented. Making a project successful with their creative skills is beyond their position.

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Masum Mridha
Senior Consultant
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Objects of Out Build Interior

Making your life a bit easier by providing our best interior design service is our primary goal. As we observed that most of our clients don’t have a clear idea about where to start decorating their dream place.

Most of them think it would be very costlier to decorate a house or business from a professional interior designer. But after having an open discussion, they found themself were wrong. In this case, providing quality material with service at a reasonable cost is our 2nd primary object. Take a look at our flat rate for interior design.

Whether it is all about a small house interior design or commercial space decoration such as Office Interior, Conference Room, Workstation Design, our rate goes almost the same for ready-made furniture with a traditional design. But when it comes to custom furniture or renovating space, it goes as per your requirements and quality of material.

Most of the people don’t have a clear idea of where to start designing their dream space. Although they are capable of decorating since they agree to spend thousands of money on buying old furniture. The days of buying old furniture have gone since we are providing custom furniture following your space and requirements.

Why Choose Out Build BD?​

The trend of interior designing is gradually changing day by day. Therefore, keeping the modern interior and exterior designing trend in our mind. We assure you to provide the best possible quality of services within your budget.

From small business decoration to a modern house or flat interior design. We always maintain the standard of our service since we believe in long term customer relationships.

However, with all the additional support you need for interior design, we assure you provide the best suggestion possible to turn your ordinary space into a dream place.

Finally, we are committed to providing a viable interior solution to every part of your space, and that should be a Joyful experience of your every movement.

Core Values of OBBD


We are being trusted by several clients because of our unique and quality design as well as materials support for interior design.

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Our hard work is done only when beautiful designs we have made match our dreams by ensuring the proper use of available space.
Md.Zahidul Islam
MD.Zahidul Islam
Chairman Of Outbuild
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